This is a Slobberknocker of an announcement! Claudio Lugli has teamed up with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in a licensing deal alongside Urban Species to create unique WWE branded merchandise.

Arriving exclusively to the Claudio Lugli web-store in November, this tag team partnership goes hand in hand with some of the styling the team here at Claudio have been undertaking with some of the WWE’s top talent which includes – Drake Maverick, Elias, Corey Graves, Aiden English, Kayla Braxton, Bryan Kendrick, Tom Phillips and even Tyson Fury.

Each design is made in strictly limited numbers and our first collection will highlight classic hall of fame superstars and the attitude era. Motifs that include NWO, STING, RIC FLAIR, REY MYSTERIO, THE ROCK, HBK SHAWN MICHAELS AND BRETT HART.

PRE ORDER WILL BEGIN IN NOVEMBER – https://www.claudioluglishirts.com/claudio-lugli-m15/wwe-t115

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