Seth ‘Dripping’ Rollins: Where does WWE Superstar Seth Rollins get his suits?

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has been making waves with his bold and vibrant fashion choices. Fans are curious about where he gets his suits from, and the answer is none other than Claudio Lugli. The fashion house is excited to work closely with Rollins to design and cultivate jaw-dropping looks that match his persona as the "Drip God." The three outfits designed by Claudio Lugli have been a hit among fans, who eagerly anticipate Rollins' next move and try to decipher cryptic clues in his attire. Stay tuned as we break down each outfit and explore the color schemes and symbolism that make Rollins' fashion choices a spectacle to behold.



This is a Slobberknocker of an announcement! Claudio Lugli has teamed up with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in a licensing deal alongside Urban Species to create unique WWE branded merchandise. Arriving exclusively to the Claudio Lugli web-store in November, this tag team partnership goes hand in hand with some of the styling the team here at Claudio have been undertaking with some of the WWE’s top talent which includes – Drake Maverick, Elias, Corey Graves, Aiden English, Kayla Braxton, Bryan Kendrick, Tom Phillips and even Tyson Fury. Each design... Read More